How to monitor Jenkins metrics using Prometheus & Grafana?

How to monitor Jenkins metrics using Prometheus & Grafana?


  • Basic overview of Prometheus & Grafana

  • A server with Jenkins installed on it

Step 1:- Install Prometheus plugin in Jenkins

  • We need to install the plugin of Prometheus in Jenkins so that Prometheus can gather all the metrics of Jenkins

  • In Jenkins click on manage plugin and search for Prometheus metrics plugin and click on install

  • The default path for Jenkins metrics is <Public-IP:8080/prometheus>

  • We can also change the default path of Jenkins metrics. Click on Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Search for Prometheus and change the path.

Step 2:- Modify the configuration file of Prometheus

  • Prometheus manages the configuration file named prometheus.yml in which we can define various configuration like alerts, scrape_configs etc.

  • In order for Prometheus to gather the metrics of the Docker node we need to define below code in prometheus.yml under the scrape_configs stanza

sudo vi /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml

- job_name: "Jenkins Job"
  scheme: https
  metrics_path: '/prometheus'
    - targets: [""]  ##your jenkins URL or IP address x.x.x.x:8080
  • After adding the code we can check our node as a target in the Prometheus. It will take some time for Prometheus to gather all the metrics and display the state of node to Up.

Step 3:- Add data source in Grafana

  • Now in Grafana we need to add Prometheus as the data source

  • After that, in the URL section of we need to enter the IP address of the Prometheus server and 9090 port

Step 4:- Create a Dashboard

  • In Grafana we can create various kinds of dashboards as per our need

  • Import the Dashboard ID is: 9964

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